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GlassWalk ST - Stair Tread System


IBP's GlassWalk ST system can achieve glass stair tread spans up to 48" with only two-sided support.

This engineered system features 3-ply stair treads 1.245" thick. Like the structural glass units in GlassWalk SG systems, the stairs are made with ceramic frits baked onto the walking surface for slip resistance, in a choice of attractive patterns.

The units are set into specially designed support brackets made of aluminum with a satin finish. Thanks to a new design, the mounting screws are hidden behind the glass units for the cleanest looking installation ever.

Do your stairs have landings? Combine GlassWalk ST stairs with GlassWalk SG systems for the landing areas. Check the image gallery for recent examples. For detailed product sheets in Adobe Acrobat format, click the graphics at right.

2D (exploded) view of GlassWalk ST system
ARCAT Specs  

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