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Shower Systems

Give any bath a custom touch of drama.

IBP offers a glass block shower enclosure to fit almost any decor--and our new all-in-one kits and online shopping make the ordering just as easy.

Frames are available in white, black, satin, gold, and silver finishes. (Custom finishes are also available.)

A wide selection of glass block patterns and colors provides design choices to strike the perfect balance of ambiance and privacy.

New! All-in-one shower kits

IBP now offers complete shower kits: sturdy Lucite acrylic floor plans in choice of color; alumimum frame in choice of finish; Alumax shower door in choice of finish; glass block in choice of pattern

Kits are available in 2 designs. Inline designs fit in the 60" x 32" (nominal) space of most conventional tubs; and the corner Neo-Angle design has a 51" x 51" footprint.

For details, see our online order form.

Endless design options.

Choose from dozens of standard designs--or design your own custom enclosure. IBP offers free design service for all Glass Block Grid System products. Detail drawings and installation details are also available in AutoCad® format.

The details behind the details:

In adapting the grid system for shower enclosures, IBP's design team has developed a number of features that allow easy attachment to a standard shower curb using standard construction methods:

  • Aluminum corner extrusions in 22-1/2° increments:

    Connect wall sections with these corner pieces to produce clean, symmetrical joints without mortar or grout. Corner extrusions are available in 22-1/2°, 45°, 67-1/2°, and 90° angles.

  • Flush aluminum finishing pieces that encase the grid system:

    This innovative feature allows for easy shower door attachment and simple installation to adjoining walls and shower bases.

  • Self-supporting glass block door headers that eliminate the need for lintels.

The result is a watertight, aesthetically pleasing, virtually callback-free installation - often accomplished in two hours or less.

Inline shower kit, silver finish

Seated shower base, available as an option on any inline shower kit

Neo angle, gold finish


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