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Specifications for GlassWalk Structural Glass Floors

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1.1. Scope
1.1.1. Furnish all floor system perimeter pieces, spanning members, spacer members, silicone cushions, structural laminated glass units, sealant, all other materials and labor necessary for complete floor system installation as indicated on the Drawings and specified herein.
1.1.2. Related work specified elsewhere: Glass and Glazing Sealant Steel Containment Ring
1.2. Guarantee
1.2.1. Floor system manufacturer shall guarantee for a period of five years from the date of purchase that the floor system will be free of defects in materials and factory workmanship, and that defective materials will be repaired or replaced immediately, after proper notification.
1.2.2. The installing contractor shall guarantee for a period of five years against faulty installation workmanship due to on-site errors
1.3. Submittals
1.3.1. Submit assembly instructions and shop drawings as required to indicate methods of construction, location and spacing of anchorage, joinery, finishes, sizes, shape, thickness and alloy materials, structural laminated glass units, and relationship to the adjoining work.
1.4. Material Storage and Handling
1.4.1. Store material in dry place, off the ground, where temperature will not exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
1.4.2. Handle material to prevent damage to finished surfaces. Do not install scratched or damaged components.
1.4.3. After installation, protect finished surfaces from damage caused by ensuing work.


2.1. Materials
2.1.1. IBP GlassWalk™ SG System for Floors: extruded aluminum Grid System for floors as manufactured by Innovative Building Products, Inc., 3024 Acme Brick Plaza, Fort Worth, TX 76109, 817/332-9124 or 800/932-2263.
2.1.2. Extruded Silicone Cushions: furnished with IBP GlassWalk™ SG Floor System.
2.1.3. Sealant: TradeMate® Glass Block Sealant, furnished with IBP GlassWalk™ SG Floor System.
2.1.4. Standard Grid Finish: Clear anodized matte silver finish.
2.1.5. Structural Laminated Glass Units: 2 or 3 ply nominally one-inch thick laminated glass units supplied with system. Obscurity and/or slip resistant ceramic frit pattern as selected.


3.1. Field Conditions
3.1.1. Verify all applicable field dimensions and adjust as necessary to accommodate floor system.
3.1.2. Examine supporting structure and containment ring to which floor system will be installed. Correct any conditions which are not constructed according to installation instructions and approved shop drawings furnished by floor system manufacturer.
3.2. Installation
3.2.1. Assemble floor system according to instructions furnished by manufacturer into prepared containment ring opening. Top surface of glass units shall finish flush with adjoining surface and exposed aluminum surface joints unless shown otherwise on the drawings.
3.2.2. Apply sealant to completely fill channel around each glass unit and joints between aluminum grid members and wipe flush with top surface. Perform all sealant work in accord with the requirements of the Sealant Section of the specifications.
3.3. Clean-up
3.3.1. Clean all exposed surfaces of aluminum glass block grid system with clean, soft cloth and mild hand soap using gentle rubbing action. Do not use abrasive or solvent-type cleaners, detergents, or paint removers.


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